A few weeks ago, I went on a tour of the Yarra Valley. The tour involved heading down to Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Healsville Hotel and checking out a Gem of the Valley. As well as an hour in the the main part of Healesville.

Our first stop was Tarrawarra Museum. At the time there was an exhibition for Bronwyn Oliver on. I’ve been to plenty of museums, but this exhibition had something about it. Her art is sophisticated, yet exciting. She does amazing sculptures. I can’t explain it in words how good they are so here are some photos.


As well as a cool museum, Tarrawarra is also a winery and has some of the most beautiful views you will see. If you are ever in the Yarra Valley check it out. You will have a great time.


Next stop was Healesville Hotel. I really loved this place. Don’t get scared of the the fact that it is a hotel. It is a great place with amazing food and drinks.


The dishes we started with were the mount zero olives, freshly shucked pacific oysters and rocket, local pear & gorgonzola and dolce wood grilled asparagus, almond cream, toasted seeds, basil & sherry vinegar.


For mains we had wood fire roasted salmon, smoked tomato curry, fried shallots and pickled celery. As well as the 12hr slow cooked lamb shoulder, chermoula spiced eggplant, charred green beans, meredith dairy sheep’s yoghurt hummus, lemon.


Dessert was k&w chocolate mousse, roasted strawberries & praline.


My personal favorite dish was the 12 hour cooked lamb shoulder. Everything went together so perfectly and the Lamb fell off the bone! This is a dish I recommend sharing with someone as it is very rich, but totally worth it.

After leaving the Healsville hotel, myself and a few friends made our way over to Graceburns Wine Room. Graceburns has some of my favorite wine. They do many experimental wines as well as some classics but all of them are just so damn tasty. I recommend heading by for some cheese and wine sometime! Rob looks after the shop, he is relaxed and makes sure you have a good time. This shop suits all!


We then went to the gem of the valley. It was the Upper Yarra Reservoir; it is such a beautiful place. A lovely place to relax and just check out the sights.


All in all the tour was amazing. The people who ran the tour were great, and will tell you all you need to know about the Yarra Valley. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day. Personally I really love spending the day, eating, drinking and sight seeing. You really can’t beat it. Try it out!


For more information on the Yarra Valley have a look at http://www.visityarravalley.com.au/ 

Noah Esposito