Last Saturday, I was in the city for the weekend with good old Andrea Michelle Indy. We booked dinner at Mama Rumaan. We were craving Lebanese food. The venue itself looks awesome! In a gorgeous location on The Harbour Esplanade with a very spacious and modern interior.
Mama Rumaan is an amazing restaurant. It has an accepting and inviting environment, delicious food and great staff who knew the menu like the back of their hand.



We ordered to order the seven course set menu, share style food. Given how often Andrea and I eat out we thought seven dishes would be a walk in the park. Fair to say in the end we rolled out the door. We started off our order with a French Martini each. It was so delicious, sweet and creamy. We then moved onto entrees.
The entrees were as follows;
Mezza Dips: hummus, baba ghanoush, jajik, fried pitter with Zaatar and flatbread. The dips were so tasty, a perfect way to start the meal. My favourite was the baba ghanoush. It was smoky and just had so much flavour.

Lamb Kibbeh: Lamb, mint, cucumber, yoghurt. Spiced to absolute perfection.
Fried Cauliflower: Lightly battered stalks, tahini. Simple but oh so delicious. Scrumptious snacks that keep you asking for more.

Fried cauli and lamb kibbeh
Mezza dips

(1. fried cauliflower and lamb kibbeh 2. the full spread 3. mezza dips)

Getting to the main courses we had;

Chicken ribs: served with Mama’s garlic sauce and pomegranate molasses. They were so tasty! The chicken was super succulent with excellent flavour. The sauces complimented the ribs perfectly. A dish that was just impossible to fault.

chicken ribs

The Middle Eastern Feast: Lamb Kofta, Lamb tekka, chicken tekka, flatbread and traditional condiments. All of the meat was spiced perfectly and cooked sublimely.

Middle Eastern Feast

Quouzi: Slow cooked lamb shoulder, pomegranate, traditional herbs and spices, wheat and chickpeas. The pulled lamb shoulder was some of the best I’ve eaten. So juicy it just fell apart in your mouth. Absolutely to die for.
Fatouche: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, spring onions, mint, toasted pita and pomegranate. The salad was so fresh and cut through all the meat beautifully.


Once it got to desserts we had;
Mama Tatiana’s Knafeh Sweet cream pastry, semolina, rose water, pistachio, sugar syrup.
Orange Blossom Crème Yoghurt, katiffi, pistachio.
Chocolate Pot Tahini, caramel, baby fig, halva ice cream.
Rosewater Panna Cotta Raspberry, vanilla crumbs.
All these desserts were great, all of them a light treat after the rest of the amazing rich menu.


All in all Mama Rumaan is a restaurant that is just great. As you can see there is absolutely nothing that I could fault food wise and the service was some of the best as well. Such lovely staff and just a nice vibe. I recommend going there whether you are having a night out or just going to dinner with the lady. Cannot wait to go back myself.

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