Last week I decided to go down to the cool looking tapas bar Pablo Honey to experience some of their delicious food and cocktails. When I walked inside, it was a large venue with paintings and skull decorations everywhere. They sell the art in the venue, as they were created by some of their staff. It had a really nice vibe with very welcoming staff.


We were sat down, asked what drinks we would like and I decided I would go with cocktail recommendations from Isabella; the waitress serving us. The first cocktail I had was called the Nelson rum and raisin. The cocktail was awesome; spiced rum and Pedro Ziménez extremely flavorful combination. A drink I would love to drink again.
Because the first cocktail was so good I decided to stick with the recommendations. The next best cocktail I had was called ‘The Speedy Gonzales’ and man it was crazy. This was a little like an espresso martini but with a twist; it had a hint of chocolate and chili on the finish. The cocktail is a must try if you enjoy espresso martinis, it was a shock to the senses.



Deciding dishes was a struggle as all the food looked great. We ended up choosing the slow cooked duck breast, the buffalo chicken wings, the cheese and chorizo fondido and the special the Pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese balls). All the dishes were so tasty, but the ones that I enjoyed most were the Cheese and Chorizo fondido and the Buffalo chicken wings. They were the type of dishes that are just so scrumptious that you keep eating and before you know it they are gone. The Fondido was served with tortilla chips with the cheese and chorizo went so well together. The chorizo adds a nice amount of spice to the dish and the tortilla chips were the perfect accompaniment. The chicken wings were marinated and cooked perfectly, and were served with a salsa over the top of them. It was nice to have some wings that were nicely marinated instead of the usual southern fried style. The marinade was so delicious; the thought makes me salivate.



For dessert we were recommended the chocolate sponge, so we went with the recommendation. The dessert was delicious; the sweet sour cream, the coffee and the sweetened condensed milk complimented each other perfectly. It was good to see how well the staff knew the food and drinks menu. All of my recommended cocktails had an awesome taste and the sponge we had for dessert was absolutely delicious. Pablo Honey is in a great location, being right near the beach and not far from Luna Park. Definitely a place I recommend people trying. The atmosphere is really nice and welcoming. It’s somewhere you can definitely have a nice meal or relax with some mates after a long week and wind down for a few drinks.


Noah Esposito (Melbourne Food Finds) Signing off
Enjoy the weekend.

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