Last weekend I decided to hit the Surrey Hills shop Burger Burger. This was to be my first burger for a few weeks and I was having a craving. I had heard a lot about this burger joint and my hopes were high for them to produce a good product.

This store is in an extremely convenient location, being a two minute walk from the Surrey Hills train station. They even have a sign at the back of their shop, making the store almost impossible to miss. When we walked inside, the hospitality was great, we were greeted at the door, took a seat, given a menu, then once we were ready we went to the counter and ordered.

I ordered a burger called “the Frankenstein” in this burger there was double beef patty, double bacon, and a piece of southern-style buttermilk crispy chicken, onion rings, cheddar cheese, pickles, jalapenos, and BB sauce. I know it sounds like a burger that could be just too much, and you may be thinking why would you do that to a burger? That’s what I first thought too, but the expectations I had for this place held up. The chicken was succulent with a great flavour and a lovely crisp outside, the beef cooked perfectly and the bacon was also to my liking. The jalapeños, cheese and pickles complimented the meat and broke it up well. The only issue I have with this burger is that it needed a little bit more sauce. The BB sauce tasted great, there just wasn’t enough of it to power through the rest of the flavours.

All in all this was a great burger joint and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that asks me about it. I can’t wait to go back and try out all the other great burgers on the menu. The burger scene in Melbourne is to die for; so many great places already and many more to come.

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